Three novels for a tropical getaway.    

    And, a WWII Memoir.   


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A World War II Memoir of
Lt. Harlan E. Highfield


Written from his son’s perspective, and coupled with autobiographical material, LIBERATED chronicles the World War II experiences of Lt. Harlan E. Highfield.

Harlan’s training as a P-40 fighter pilot in the U. S. Army Air Corps led to flying combat missions in the North African Campaign. After being shot down in the Tunisian desert, and following his subsequent wounding, Harlan spent over two years as a Prisoner of War in camps in Italy and Germany.

The April 29, 1945 liberation of Stalag VII-A by General Patton’s 14th Armored Division allowed Harlan to return to civilian life where he was successful as an educator, administrator, coach, husband, and father.

This is one person’s story that serves as an example of the many sacrifices made by millions during World War II.



Sanibel's Secret BankSanibel's Secret Bank
by W. C. Highfield
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Unknown to the residents of Sanibel, a powerful bank dealing in international finances exists on the island. The building complex of "The Bank”—as it is called by company personnel—is camouflaged in the J. N. "Ding” Darling Wildlife Refuge. A nepotism prerequisite for employment adds greater security to the clandestine nature of the operation.

It is late-summer 2011, and The Bank’s unlawful trading practices and illegitimate monetary resources are on the verge of scrutiny by industry regulators. Furthermore, The Bank’s money-obsessed leadership group performs ruthless acts to eliminate anyone viewed as a threat to their quest for world financial domination.

Bennett Stradley leads a close-knit band of young employees as they set about on a course to avenge the evil wrongdoings of The Bank. Ben’s budding romance with co-worker Gwen Copeland is complicated by The Bank’s stressful environment and the couple’s activist role in pursuing justice. (More details...)
Streets, by W.C. HighfieldStreets
by W.C. Highfield
INIn Sun Down Far, by W.C. Highfield SUN DOWN FAR
by W.C. Highfield
At 30, and homeless for years in Key West, Florida, Morris Scott's life is transformed by a series of surreal, nocturnal happenings in the Key West Cemetery. But don't refer to him, or any other street people, as homeless. He can't stand that word.

Streets is gritty and character-driven. The narrative addresses homelessness... (More Details)

Set in Southwest Florida, IN SUN DOWN FAR chronicles events that take place during an eleven day period in April 1990. The story concerns beach vendor Ellis Parkington's struggle to come to grips with his view of the complexities of human behavior. The music of the blues is interwoven throughout this tale of the ups and downs in friendships, relationships, and life on the tropical island of St. George Beach. (More Details)
W. C. Highfield
W.C. Highfield

My interest in writing began in the early 1990s. With eagerness to write stories for children, I successfully completed a course in Special Publishing offered by the Institute of Children's Literature. Several stories I wrote are accessible to read on this website.

In 2000, I decided to write an adult-themed novel. Self-published in 2001, IN SUN DOWN FAR is set on Fort Myers Beach, Florida, but I fictionalized all of the names of locations and establishments (to protect the innocent and the guilty). Having regularly visited Fort Myers Beach since 1991, I drew on many personal experiences, and worked some of them into the book. The narrative presents an island slice of life with an emphasis on the music of the blues. I strive to strike a correlation between the two.

My second novel, Streets, was completed in 2010. Concerned with the persistent quandary of homelessness in America, I take a quirky look at how one character gradually alters his behavior in an effort to escape its clutches. The main character lives on the streets of Key West. He undergoes a series of surreal experiences that have a positive impact on his life. These inspiring and motivating events help drive him to uncharacteristic acts of heroism.

My third novel, Sanibel's Secret Bank, was released in the fall of 2014. There is a secret bank located on Sanibel that is a powerful dealer in international finances. Residents of the island have no idea it exists, since it is camouflaged in the J.N. "Ding" Darling Wildlife Refuge. "The Bank," as it is called, is led by a ruthless group that eliminates anyone viewed as a threat to their quest for world financial domination. The main character leads a close-knit band of young employees as they set about to avenge the evil wrongdoings of The Bank. Read more...