Sanibel's Secret Bank

Sanibel's Secret BankSanibel's Secret Bank
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Unknown to the residents of Sanibel, a powerful bank dealing in international finances exists on the island. The building complex of "The Bank”—as it is called by company personnel—is camouflaged in the J. N. "Ding” Darling Wildlife Refuge. A nepotism prerequisite for employment adds greater security to the clandestine nature of the operation.

It is late-summer 2011, and The Bank’s unlawful trading practices and illegitimate monetary resources are on the verge of scrutiny by industry regulators. Furthermore, The Bank’s money-obsessed leadership group performs ruthless acts to eliminate anyone viewed as a threat to their quest for world financial domination.

Bennett Stradley leads a close-knit band of young employees as they set about on a course to avenge the evil wrongdoings of The Bank. Ben’s budding romance with co-worker Gwen Copeland is complicated by The Bank’s stressful environment and the couple’s activist role in pursuing justice.
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